Web Hosting Guide

WebHosting Guide

Just starting out and new to webhosting? Not sure of the cost involved? How reliable we are?
Use our webhosting guide below:

This section will help you how to select your ideal webhosting package. Check out our Webhosting Promotions

If you are new to the webhosting and looking for a small website to start somewhere, perhaps for a personal website or blog for yourself and family or even for a business, branding or marketing, we will like you to check out our webhosting Starter Plan below:

e-Budget i-Budget
e-Lite i-Lite
e-Pro i-Pro

If your web site runs on eye-catching Flash, programming databases or providing your web visitors with large files download, then you may want to pick up our Advance Hosting Package below:

e-Business i-Business
e-Platinum i-Platinum

Whether you are registering a new domain name or switching your services to IWI, we will assist you in your domain transfer, your website and even the database without any fee involved.

With IWI webhosting services, you can always upgrade to a different plan later by just topping up the price difference or switching webhosting platform from Windows to UNIX or vice-versa at no additional fee involved. Whether you choose our Starter webhosting or Business webhosting Package, you can always enhance it with our list of available Add-On.

IWI will register your new domain name as a free value-added service. Cost of domain name applies (See guide). Generally, once payment is received, your account will be activated within 24 hours. Once your account is set up, a Welcome email will be sent to you that includes your username, password, IP address and getting started information.

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