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Welcome to our General Sales Frequently Asked Questions area. Here you can find most of the answers to commonly asked questions and more about Web hosting. Please choose one of the sections below that best addresses to your question.

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  1. What Platform & Operating System (OS) does IT Works Internet use?
    Our servers run on Windows 2000 / 2003 Operating System and cPanel.
  2. Does IT Works Internet support and offer Microsoft SQL, Access, Active Server Pages, and FrontPage?
    Yes. These features are specific to Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and are supported through our Windows 2000 / 2003 web hosting options.
  3. Does IT Works Internet offer 24 hours customer care?
    Yes. We offer 24 hours email customer care and telephone care through Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.
  4. Does IT Works Internet offer ready-to-run CGI scripts?
    Yes. We offer free counter, free time/date, free form mailer and customized 404 error page.
  5. Does IT Works Internet support sub-domain and domain mirroring?
    Yes. Sub-domain and domain mirror are support and available as an add-on option.
  6. Does IT Works Internet offer email control panel?
    Yes. Our Email Control Panel lets you take full administrative control of your own email accounts.
  7. What is your data transfer limit?
    Our data transfer is unlimited & unmetered. There is NO hidden charges.
  8. How can I have email hosting without a web site hosting?
    You can park your domain name with IWI and sign up for our email hosting services. You can view our packages here.
  9. How long does it take before my hosting account is setup?
    Your account can be setup immediately once payment is received either by credit cards or cheque. Existing customer who previously parked their domain name with IT Works Internet and wish to convert into a full hosting account, your site will be online in minutes!
  10. How do I switch from my current web hosting provider to IT Works Internet?
    Simply sign up online and we will do the rest for you. Depending on where and who registered your domain name, you may have to provide us with your domain admin login and password or login to your domain name control panel to modify the hostname / IP. For more information, call our customer care.
  11. Can I start small and upgrade my web hosting account later?
    IT Works Internet web hosting packages are design to let new startups or SME take advantage of our affordable solutions. You can start small and upgrade your account with us when your business grow.
  12. I just want a simple 1 page web site with 1 or 2 email accounts but your current plans are too expensive for my needs, how?
    Simply call our sales representatives and we will be glad to custom-built a package that suit your needs. At IT Works Internet, you need not pay for what you don't need.

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