Video marketing is one of the increasingly popular content marketing strategies that every marketer has to embrace today to remain relevant in the field/online. According to experts, this trend won’t die anytime soon, as more and more marketing techniques and strategies are bound to surface in 2016.  One of the reasons why video marketing is the highest converting tool today is because billions of people prefer watching descriptive and explainer videos among others other than reading long lines of text. In addition to this, video content captures a user’s attention quickly and drives the desired message home faster than written content.

More than 100 million people watch a video clip every day either using a smartphone, tablet, iPad or any other handheld device. One of the key factors that facilitate this is the improved mobile technology that allows users to stream video content off major video hosting and sharing sites. Most of the handheld devices today support 4G networks, with experts projecting improved speeds for next year. Higher internet connectivity speeds and HD display screens in these handheld devices makes users want to watch videos via these devices. 
What make the future of video marketing brighter than ever before, will happen in this era.

Some of video marketing trends to be seen in 2016 include:

1.    The use of short videos for marketing purposes: 
To avoid losing an audience’s attention with long videos, marketers will start using reasonably short video clips to market their products or services. Promotional videos under 30 seconds in length are most likely to dominate the market in 2016.  This has been confirmed with social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram enabling users to view/watch short videos as they scroll down their timeline and social media feeds.  

2.    Video ads dominance:
although video ads are not new in the market, many other engines such as Bing and Facebook are slowly embracing what started out as Google’s YouTube marketing strategy.  Video ads placed before a video clip helps capture the audience’s attention before he/she can watch his favorite music clip. This helps marketers target more audience hence increase lead generation remarkably. With more and more companies adopting the use of video ads to promote their content, this trend is projected to explode in 2016.

3.     Social media indulgence in video marketing: 
In case you haven’t noticed, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have enabled a feature that enables users to watch video content and ads as they scroll down their news feeds. In Facebook, these videos will play automatically when you hover over it though muted. Interested people can then click on the video playing to activate sound. This is a brilliant video marketing feature that allows advertisers to reach out to their target audience in the vast majority of social media users. The social media has an enormous influence in how these videos are shared across the platforms. This trend will most likely hit in 2016.

4.    Customer-Generated Video Content:  
2016 will see more of customer-generated video content in feedback's and replies as a way to confirm that a product is an authentic and high quality. Although only a few companies have enabled this feature, this trend is projected to be a ‘hit’ in 2016 as more businesses and users embrace it.  Businesses that have already rolled out this marketing feature are already recording higher sales than before.  This is because user-generated content has a higher probability of generating response from other users as compared to company-generated scripts and video ads.

5.    Call to actions and coupons: 
Instead of videos fading out to a black background, more call to action options are likely to surface at the end of a promotional video.  Experts expect more realistic call to actions such as promoting a product that is about to be launched, related content and more importantly, a link to the product/service in question.  Marketers are also adopting the use of coupons and coupon codes in promotional video ads. Users will be allowed to quote a coupon code displayed at the end of a video to get a discount on products being purchased.

These are just a few of the many video marketing trends that experts believe will rock 2016. More and marketers and web designers are believed to start using lightweight promotional video content to advertise their products and services. You too should strive to keep up with these updates to get a larger share of the market traffic.