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VerifiedID@SG Pilot Launch For .SG Domain Names
2nd May, 2013


With effect from 2 May 2013, the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) will implement a pilot scheme known as "VerifiedID@SG" for all new ".sg" domain names (e.g.,, etc.). The scheme is aimed at enhancing the trust of .sg domain names by mitigating against identity theft and fake identity used in registering .sg domain names.


This scheme does not affect your existing ".sg" domain names. However, from 2 May 2013 onwards, if you register a new ".sg" domain name or if you are appointed as an administrative contact for new ".sg" domain names, the scheme will affect you.


Under the VerifiedID@SG scheme, registrants will continue with the existing practice to appoint an "administrative contact" person to register ".sg" domain names through respective registrars of the registrant's choice. After completing the registration of the domain name, the domain name will be activated by SGNIC and becomes "live" on the Internet. At this stage, the administrative contact person of the domain name will be requested by SGNIC via email to visit the VerifiedID@SG portal and to perform a two-step verification task:
a. To login to the portal using his SingPass; and
b. To verify the identity and contact information of the domain name registrant.


The administrative contact will be given a grace period of 21 calendar days from the date of registration to verify the registrant's identity and contact information. During this period, if verification is not done, SGNIC will send daily reminders to the administrative contact's email address to highlight that the domain name is pending his verification. The due date and time will also be highlighted in the email.


SGNIC's policy is to suspend the domain name if the administrative contact does not perform the verification within 21 calendar days. Such suspension is considered necessary to minimise any possible abuse of domain names by owners who use fake or stolen identity, or whose identity have not been properly verified. To allow .sg registrants and administrative contacts to familiarise with the new scheme, SGNIC will work closely with our accredited registrars to remind and help the administrative contact concerned and the registrant. If the administrative contact still has not performed the verification after the grace period, SGNIC will suspend the domain name.


For more information on the VerifiedID@SG scheme, please refer to the FAQs at


If you need any clarification, please contact your registrar ( or SGNIC at

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