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IWI's latest product: FTP Vault
1st June, 2008

Having problems transferring large files over the internet through emails or tired of waiting for a 50 MB file download to your inbox? We have the solution for you! FTP Vault can take all of these away.

What is FTP Vault?
FTP or File Transfer Protocol is an open standard protocol for moving files through the Internet or a network. Traditionally, FTP requires a server and client before file transfer is possible. The server will require a specific set of details like the host address, login and a password for access through a client. Once the server and the client engage, the client is able to upload or download files to the server.

FTP Vault is a web based application that works in a similar way; the only difference is that it eliminates the need to install a client program. This means you can now transfer files from anywhere as long as the computer has a web browser. FTP Vault is designed to provide a means to move large files about with full control on permissions and accessibility to users from a dedicated space within a server.

With FTP Vault, you are able to create both user accounts and admin accounts to manage file transfer in an easy and fuss free manner.

Major Features for base model :

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited admin accounts
  • Unlimited folder creation
  • Admin is able to control user view of folders from main didrectory of folders
  • Admin is able to control EACH user's capability for EACH folder accessible to the user
    • To download only
    • To upload only
    • To upload and download

Best of all, we are able to customise it to suit your company’s needs further. Modules and functions can be programmed to make it even easier for your operation. Integration of the login panel and overall program aesthetics can be customised to suit your current web design.

Call us now at 6720 1809 or send us an email to today for more enquiries.

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